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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I tell if my cat's issue is simple or complicated?

If the issue involves more than one cat and/or if there are multiple issues, this would be considered a complicated issue as both (all) cats need to be assessed. Getting to the root of the problem will take much more time and research.

I'm bringing a new cat/kitten in my home. What service should I choose?

If you are integrating the new cat into a multi-cat household I would suggest the 30 day comprehensive consultation package. If this is your first cat and you are new to the feline world (and you don’t have other cats in the house), I would recommend the 90 minute consultation session.

What if the behaviors don't change after consultation?

Cats are all different. Their personalities and behaviors are influenced by their genetics and their past and present experiences and surroundings. Some behaviors require time and patience to change. If change doesn’t seem to be happening there are many factors that should be considered such as, the amount of time you invest in the behavior modification I’ve prescribed, if you've provided the items recommended in the consultations, etc.. If you feel more time is needed to affect the change you are looking for, we can extend or adjust the consultation package you are using.

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