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I am an enthusiastic supporter and monthly donor to: 


I am happy to offer a free feline behavior consultation for BTAA & Home to Home cat adopters

Complimentary 1-hour consultations are available for:

  1. Pre-adoption consultation - "I've never had a cat/kitten before, what should I expect?"

  2. Pre-adoption: "How do I know what cat/kitten to pick?"

  3. Pre-adoption: "I already have cats, how do I bring a new cat into the family?"

  4. Pre-adoption: Are two cats/kittens better than one?

  5. Post adoption cat/kitten "behavior check up"

Please note that these consultations are offered via phone, facetime or zoom and not in person. In some instances I can meet a potential adopter at BTAA for a pre-adoption assessment. 

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