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I am a writer and speaker who has had a special affinity for felines all my life. I spend much of my writing time focusing on felines, in my award winning blog Feline Opines, in my Feline Opines book series and in a new cozy mystery featuring - yep, two of my cats.

Several years ago I went through a horrible situation that resulted in me having to rehome one of my cats. I tried for a year to find a feline behaviorist to help me to no avail.  That was the catalyst for me to begin my education and I haven't stopped since. After losing my two 17-year old siblings in the same year I decided to study for a diploma in pet bereavement. I was surprised at how much the course helped me with my own grief and I am very thankful I am now able to help others. That course and my bereavement counseling experience was the impetus for my book, Are There Head Bonks in Heaven?

I am constantly amazed at how wonderful cats are and always thrilled when I  am able to help people understand their felines better and am able to help people live in happy harmony with their cats. 

I  have  contributed to other blogs and have done product reviews. You can view my media kit here. 

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