My experiencer with cat writing began  with my story published in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul; All My  Children Wear Fur Coats. Prior to the book release, I was asked by the publishers PR firm to create a social media presence for my cat writing. The rest, as they say, is history and my blog, Feline Opines, The World From A Feline Point of View. 

The blog won a Certificate of Excellence and was awarded A Muse Medallion for best entertainment blog by the Cat Writer's Association in 2018. 











The first Felines Opine book was published in 2018, Felines Opine on God, A Devotional for Cat Lovers and there are other Felines Opine books in the works. 

I am a contributing writer to Katzenworld and am currently working on a cozy mystery, Sit, Stay, Meow that features Alberto and Oliver from FelineOpines. 
 was born. This blog was awarded a certificate of excellence and a Muse Medallion award by the Cat Writer's Association at the 2018 conference. 

 Book # 1 in the Felines Opine  Series.
Felines Opine on God, a Devotional for Cat Lovers. We invite you to watch the video promo for this book.

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